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TM Stock FAQs and Guidelines
Make use of your translation memories! Together we can create a big TM community!
1. Your translation memory must be in .tmx format (a format easily importable into every CAT tool).
2. Your translation memory must be created by you. Selling translation memories created by others is prohibited.
3. Your translation memory cannot contain brand names, trademarked terms and/or copyrightable content.
4. Before publication, you have to pay a small publication fee to TTMEM by proceeding to a dedicated section. You can choose between 2 payment options:
›› TM Publication fee: 10 EUR (a fee charged ONLY for the publication)
›› TM Publication fee + Newsletter: 15 EUR (a fee charged for the publication and newsletter sent to all users registered on TTMEM, working in the combination of your translation memory).
NOTE: The publication is free of cost for TTMEM.com full members. [ Learn more ]
5. You only pay once for the publication of your translation memory (one-time payment, no recurring costs).
6. You have to create your translation memory preview in .tmx format. The memory must contain at least 20 translation units (TU). Translation memories containing less than 20 TU will not be accepted. The translation memory preview should provide the general idea of its content.
7. The translation memory preview has to be sent to TTMEM.com staff members in order to be listed as a sample.
8. If for some reason you can't prepare your translation memory preview, TTMEM can create it for you for an additional fee of 5 EUR.
9. TTMEM has no direct access to your TM, as your .tmx file will not be uploaded to the TTMEM.com servers. Your translation memory will remain only yours until you decide to sell it to the final buyer/buyers.
10. You have to determine the price of your translation memory. The price should be determined in EUROS. The price is up to you and should depend on the content of the translation memory file you want to sell, but it should be reasonable.
11. If you have a PayPal account, we strongly recommend you to create a PayPal.Me link to receive an immediate and fast payment. The PayPal.Me link must be send to TTMEM.com site staff to be associated with your translation memory.
12. If you do not have a PayPal account and/or a PayPal.Me is not available in your country, you can agree a different payment method with buyer.
13. If you decide you would like to delete your translation memory from the list, you have to contact the TTMEM.com staff.
14. TTMEM does not charge any commission on sales. You can sell your translation memory as many times as you like.
TTMEM.com is the world's largest, first database of human-aligned .tmx files. Every day new users in search of translation memories register on the TTMEM.com website, so you and your translation memory will have a good online visibility. By selling your translation memory you help us to create a big TM community.
◆ Can I sell my glossaries in a format other than .tmx?
Unfortunately no. On TTMEM.com, being the world's largest database of human-aligned .tmx files, you can sell only translation memories in .tmx format.
◆ What kind of .tmx files can I sell?
You can sell any kind of .tmx files. You can sell dictionaries, glossaries containing specialistic terminology as well as instruction manuals.
◆ Can I create .tmx files from free online resources and sell them on TTMEM.com
Yes, you can create .tmx files from any non copyrightable resources.
◆ How should I determine the price for my .tmx files? What should I consider?
The price is up to you and it should be determined in EUROS. The price should be reasonable. You should consider the content of the translation memory file you want to sell while setting the price.
◆ How will I get paid?
The payment method is up to you. All details of the transaction as well as the payment method must be worked out directly between you and the buyer. However if you have a PayPal account, we strongly recommend you use PayPal.Me payment.
◆ What is PayPal.Me and how it works?
PayPal.Me is a PayPal function that makes payments faster and easier. If you already have a PayPal account, the only thing you need to do is to visit PayPal.Me website and create you personal link for payments. The whole procedure takes few minutes!
◆ What should I do in order to get paid using PayPal.Me on TTMEM.com?
The only thing you need to do is to send your PayPal.Me link (created previously) to our site staff. TTMEM.com members will associate the link with your translation memory. A person who wants to buy your memory will have the possibility to make fast and secure payment by PayPal (see the below example):