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[ BLACK ZONE - Blacklisted translation outsourcers ]
[ What is the Black Zone section? ]
›› The Black Zone section is an online database of blacklisted translation agencies, companies and/or direct clients which has been created with the help of freelance translators.
[ What do you mean by "Blacklisted" ]
›› By "Blacklisted" we mean "Non-payers" outsourcers. Our black list of outsourcers includes the names of dishonest outsourcers (along with other important details) who did not pay for the completed freelance job.
[ Why is it so important to blacklist dishonest outsourcers ? ]
›› By creating the Black Zone section we wanted to help you in making correct decisions regarding collaboration with translation outsourcers. Ensure you will be paid for your freelance job before accepting it!
[ Who can report a dishonest outsourcer ? ]
›› Any person registered at TTMEM.com can report a dishonest outsourcer by completing and submitting an online form below.
[ In what language do I have to submit my report ? ]
›› To obtain more visibility, you have to describe your experience in English.
[ What if I want to delete the outsourcer reported by me ? ]
›› If the problem between you and blacklisted outsourcer has been resolved, you can contact us with the reason of your decision and ask for your record to be deleted.
[ Is the Black Zone section free ? ]
›› Reporting and deleting blacklisted outsourcers is absolutely free.

If you think you have provided a high-quality job and you have not breeched an area of the agreement between you and the outsourcer, warn other translators by completing the report form below and sharing your bad experience.
PLEASE NOTE: After you complete the form, your report will be submitted for vetting to TTMEM.com Staff members.
REPORT FORM (All fields are required. Incomplete reports will not be accepted.)
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Describe your bad experience with the outsourcer.
(Describe in English your experience. Please be as detailed as possible.)
PLEASE NOTE: TTMEM.com cannot guarantee the validity of reports as it is impossible for us to verify their authenticity. Blacklisted outsourcers are agencies and/or direct clients that have been reported to us as dishonest. You should use our database only as a reference and conduct your own verification to check the validity of reports before declining jobs from blacklisted outsourcers.
PosterBlacklisted OutsourcerCountryAmount OwedComment
Please LoginAkkurat TraduccionesSpain€ 399,42After delivering the jobs and the invoices, no more replies to my reminders. Now, I have started a legal procedure against Akkurat.
Please LoginBT GlobPoland€ 8No communication after delivery, no information about the payment. They continue to send you new translation requests that contain ONLY attached document for translation. Very rude behavior, very bad experience.
Please LoginGlobale-KommunikationGermany€ 175No payment since September 2014. At the beginning many excuses but at the end they stopped replying. Worst work experience ever.
Please LoginGulf Localize CloudIndia€ 85No communication after delivery, no information about the payment. They continue to send you new translation requests that contain ONLY attached document for translation. Very rude behavior, very bad experience.
Please LoginJaromir AdamczykPoland€ 900Thieves and liars. Jaromir Adamczyk, Grzegorz Berny and Interlang. They will never pay you. I definetly recommend to stay away from them. I will be suing them for the money they owe me for more than 9 months now.
Please LoginLangrasPoland€ 23Be careful with this agency! Two invoices (January 2012) still not paid. No response to emails.
Please LoginRoyal Translations bvba (An Ballekens)Belgium€ 1650As a freelance translator I provided various translation services for this company and sent invoices after completion of the assignments. Despite repeated requests by email and text message to pay my invoices dated 18-04-2019 and 27-05-2019 and repeated promises to do so immediately, I still have not been paid. I also had contact by telephone and I was promised to make the payments the same day, no later than the next day. I had contact with someone else from the office (Jacob Coolzaet) and he would ask An Ballekens directly. This too has had no effect whatsoever. Now I see no other solution than to get my money this way for assignments I already completed months ago.
Please LoginUnited Freelancers (Jean Barbelotte)France€ 30I sent my translation with the highest quality to the outsourcer. It was sent on time. What is disturbing me is that he didn't tell the whole story. He just said I was unprofessional and the quality of my translation was poor. As a professional translator, I tried my best to solve this problem but I can't find the most appropriate way to keep working for him. Do you know why I needed to tell the public all his working conditions on Blue Board? It's because I had been treated unfairly. His payment for the requested transcription was only 1 USD per video minute, its duration was about 30 minutes and he needed me to finish it within a day with time coding etc. After I had sent him a high quality transcription file with the SRT format as per his request, he sent me another e-mail to ask for an extra TV script. Of course, he asked me to review my completed job. They said I didn't transcript everything in the provided audio file but, indeed, they didn't understand how the requested transcription should be performed exactly in the target language. I also explained them about my point of view, but what they needed me to do additionally was an extra TV script. I am freelance but I am not free! For this reason, I asked him to pay me more money for my additional service. But he insisted strongly that he wouldn't pay me money for the the extra request and proceed to payment for my completed job if I could not do what he needed...