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Managing translation memories can be complex, but TTMEM can make it simple, fun and free of cost! Our services are targeted toward translators and translation agencies managing large translation projects. We offer a database of translation memories in a variety of languages, which can make your work faster and easier! We take full advantage of the current generation of translation memory tools to save time and money for clients. Translation memories allow human translators to reuse sentences and phrases that they have already translated or to alter sentences and phrases that are similar to ones found in the translation memory database. Our translation memories can be used not only with Trados, but they can also be imported into any CAT tool. Thanks to this smart solution, translation agencies can save money and translators can save time required in carrying out their work. Our goal is to continue to expand our database so that all of our users can find the memory they need. In the meantime, you can order your personal translation memory and we will create it just for you at a very reasonable price! Furthermore, TTMEM is a very friendly place where translators and translation agencies can find a wide range of services and advice.
Our extensive client list, which comprises of many freelance translators, translation agencies and high-profile individuals, illustrates the trust we continue to earn. We offer a full-scope of services for translators and translator agencies around the world. No other language translation services company can match our precision, expertise, and our dedication to absolute customer satisfaction. There's always a friendly TTMEM-ist on hand to keep your project on track and answer your questions. Contact us now to discover how our professional services can save you time, effort and money.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will respond to your requests and questions as promptly as possible. Do you have any translation problems? Do not hesitate to write us with your suggestions, questions or doubts and we will try to find the solution!