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Here we present a list of translation memories created by our staff. Our translation memory database is continuously growing and soon we will add other language combinations. Our aim is to create document-based as well as dictionary-based translation memories containing technical terms and expressions. TTMEM accesses third-party documents in multiple languages, segments the documents, and matches the segments in the different languages to create a bilingual translation memory.

If our translation memories do not include the memory that you are interested in, please visit our RequestPage to ask for specific translation memories. Send us your documents and we will create memory, especially for you, promptly (the price of a translation memory will depend on the number of translation units, their length, and its general characteristics).
You can download manually-made translation memories for free in .TMX format and import them into your CAT tool. Our goal is to help translators work better and faster by rendering existing translations universally accessible. Most translation memory providers offer machine translation solutions with no human involvement. TTMEM offers manually-produced translation memories in different categories that have three main advantages. They are:

* TMX files aligned by a real person
* Can be imported into your CAT tool
* Accessible OFFLINE!
NOTE: Our memories won't give you 100% matches, but thanks to concordance research, by selecting a "problematic word" in the source text, you can find its translation in the target language. With TTMEM you have your own personal dictionary in .tmx format at your fingertips! [ Learn more ]
NOTE: The cannot guarantee the correctness or completeness of terms contained in .tmx files. All translation memories are for information purposes only. No rights can be derived in any way from them.
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