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Paid Translation Memories
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Here we present a list of paid translation memories. Paid translation memories are memories that require more human effort during the creation process. This process may involve graphic processing or copying and matching corresponding segments one by one (a time consuming task). Despite all this, the price of our paid translation memories is affordable for anyone and you don't need to be a millionaire to buy them. Buying translation memories is an investment in your translation activity, not an expense! Our paid translation memories are dictionary-based, glossary-based and document-based translation memories. Each memory can be previewed before payment is made by clicking the "sample" link. By giving you the possibility to preview, we show how we respect you and your activity. Don't buy a pig in a poke! See before you buy!
Main terminology resources used for the creation of .tmx files downloadable from this section:
* European Commission translation memories, 2016 release (DGT)
* EUR-LEX terminology (EURLEX)
* IATE Termbase, 12/05/2015 release (IATE)
* ISI glossary of statistical terms (ISI)
NOTE: Our memories won't give you 100% matches, but thanks to concordance research, by selecting a "problematic word" in the source text, you can find its translation in the target language. With TTMEM you have your own personal dictionary in .tmx format at your fingertips! [ Learn more ]
NOTE: All translation memories are for your personal use only. It is not permitted to resell the translation memories in any form (commercial/profit use is strictly prohibited).


NOTE: You do not want to pay translation memories one by one? Purchase Full membership for only 80 euro/year and download green zone, blue zone and red zone translation memories in all linguistic combinations.

There are 203 translation memories

where 1=1
SourceTargetDescriptionTranslation UnitsPreviewPriceBuy
SpanishEnglishGlossary of aviation terms3634sample20 euroLogin or Sign up
SpanishEnglishDictionary of accounting terms11504sample30 euroLogin or Sign up
SpanishItalianEuropean Commission terminology 2016322493sample10 euroLogin or Sign up