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(hierarchy) level(계층구조) 레벨
(scheduled) delivery date(예정) 납품일
(scheduled) delivery date반자동 하부기준
1st or deer exponential smoothing일차지수평활법
1st or deer exponential smoothing(예정) 납품일
A preferenceA 선호
ABC analysisABC 분석
ABC indicatorABC 지시자
ability to deliver납품능력
abnormally low tender비정상적 저가입찰
acceptance document인수문서
acceptance indicator인수지시자
acceptance of services rendered제공 서비스 인수
acceptance sheet for services rendered제공 서비스 인수서
acceptance value허용치
accompanying list첨부리스트
account asignment distribution계정지정분배
account assignment계정지정
account assignment category계정지정범주
account assignment item계정지정품목
account assignment object계정지정 오브젝트
account assignment of requirements소요량 계정지정
account assignment quantity계정지정수량
account assignment screen계정지정화면
account assignment share계정지정 배분율
account assignment sheet계정지정서
account determination (by system)계정결정 (시스템에 의한)
account group계정그룹
Account management계정관리
accounting document회계문서
accounting for consumption소비에 대한 회계
accounting mode회계모드
accounts payable clerk채무담당자
accrual billing document발생청구문서
accrual interval발생간격
accrual period발생기간
accruals account발생계정
accrued income미수수익
accrued item발생항목
accuralte planning run정확한 계획실행
acknowledged quantity확인수량
acknowledgment-urging text확인-독촉 텍스트
acquisition of materials자재취득
action category수행범주
active quotation활성견적
activity category액티비티범주
activity reason활동이유
activity recording액티비티레코딩
activity types calculation액티비티유형계산
activity/operation number액티비티/작업번호
actual account assignment실제계정지정
actual costs실제원가
actual count date실사일
actual date실제일
actual dates실제일
actual inventory count date재고실사일
actual requirements실제소요량
actual route실운송경로
actual service item실제 서비스 품목

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