Welcome to the TTMEM Terminator section! This section was created for those translators who are not in the possession of CAT Tools and therefore cannot access the terminology present in our .tmx (translation memory) files downloadable from our Download Translation Memory section, or who want to have immediate access to specialised terminology. TTMEM Terminator is a collection of searchable translations created by TTMEM.com staff from .tmx files.
Our online terminology content, based on dictionaries and glossaries, is made up of source and target segments and is grouped into different categories and language pairs. This feature allows any translator to use translation memories without any CAT Tool. Continuous and sustainable development of terminology will allow us to make the TTMEM Terminator one of the largest databases of terminology available online.
1. The TTMEM Terminator section contains searchable terms grouped into source terms and target terms.
2. Dictionaries and glossaries available in this section were generated from .tmx files by TTMEM (data controller and owner). The data controller is therefore the only authority entitled to complete and modify its contents.
3. Copying and distribution of terms is strictly prohibited, without the explicit written permission of the data controller.
4. The data controller cannot guarantee the correctness or completeness of terms. All dictionaries and glossaries are for information purposes only. No rights can be derived, in any way from them.
5. The data controller reserves the right to change, modify or remove content of TTMEM Terminator section at any time, without prior warning.
6. Access to the contents of this section is open but you must register if you want to download the terminology as a .tmx file from the Download Translation Memory section.
7. The data controller reserves the right to temporarily suspend this section, or its parts, for updating or improving its contents.

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FrenchItalian7477SAP dictionary .
FrenchItalian5173Technical vocabulary .
FrenchLatvian50313European Commission terminology (DGT) .
FrenchLithuanian49566European Commission terminology (DGT) .
FrenchMaltese48427European Commission terminology (DGT) .
FrenchPolish5731Automotive industry terms .
FrenchPolish49574European Commission terminology (DGT) .
FrenchPolish213Exchange-Traded Commodity terms .
FrenchPolish89Fail-safe valve quick guide .
FrenchPolish5582Gas industry dictionary .
FrenchPolish81Radio receiver installation instructions .
FrenchPortuguese49412European Commission terminology (DGT) .
FrenchRomanian47593European Commission terminology (DGT) .
FrenchRussian5721Automotive industry terms .
FrenchRussian89Fail-safe valve quick guide .
FrenchRussian5303Gas industry dictionary .
FrenchSlovak50142European Commission terminology (DGT) .
FrenchSlovak212Exchange-Traded Commodity terms .
FrenchSlovenian49750European Commission terminology (DGT) .
FrenchSlovenian221Exchange-Traded Commodity terms .
FrenchSpanish5820Automotive industry terms .
FrenchSpanish49141European Commission terminology (DGT) .
FrenchSpanish213Exchange-Traded Commodity terms .
FrenchSpanish89Fail-safe valve quick guide .
FrenchSpanish5495Gas industry dictionary .
FrenchSpanish109Glossary of football terms .
FrenchSpanish3459Glossary of mechanical engineering .
FrenchSpanish81Radio receiver installation instructions .
FrenchSpanish6995SAP dictionary .
FrenchSpanish4709Technical vocabulary .
FrenchSwedish49749European Commission terminology (DGT) .
GalicianEnglish4923Microsoft Terminology Collection .
GeorgianEnglish4116Microsoft Terminology Collection .
GermanBulgarian2391Common industry terms (Engineering) .
GermanBulgarian47884European Commission terminology (DGT) .
GermanChinese5728Automotive industry terms .
GermanCzech49918European Commission terminology (DGT) .
GermanCzech5404Gas industry dictionary .
GermanDanish49046European Commission terminology (DGT) .
GermanDutch16856Automotive industry terms .
GermanDutch49749European Commission terminology (DGT) .
GermanDutch1994Textile dictionary .
GermanEnglish402Air-liquid coolers and condensers instruction manual .
GermanEnglish15216Automotive industry terms .
GermanEnglish282Construction machinery dictionary .
GermanEnglish52053European Commission terminology (DGT) .
GermanEnglish274Exchange-Traded Commodity terms .
GermanEnglish89Fail-safe valve quick guide .
GermanEnglish5794Gas industry dictionary .
GermanEnglish3252Glossary of business terms .
GermanEnglish498Glossary of football terms .
GermanEnglish851Glossary of nautical terms .
GermanEnglish22551Microsoft Terminology Collection .
GermanEnglish15242SAP dictionary .
GermanEnglish516Social security contributions dictionary .
GermanEnglish4752Technical vocabulary .
GermanEnglish1908Textile dictionary .
GermanEstonian49772European Commission terminology (DGT) .
GermanFinnish49489European Commission terminology (DGT) .
GermanFrench8666Automotive industry terms .
GermanFrench49826European Commission terminology (DGT) .
GermanFrench272Exchange-Traded Commodity terms .
GermanFrench89Fail-safe valve quick guide .
GermanFrench5568Gas industry dictionary .
GermanFrench8740SAP dictionary .
GermanFrench4806Technical vocabulary .
GermanFrench1963Textile dictionary .
GermanGreek50361European Commission terminology (DGT) .
GermanHungarian50990European Commission terminology (DGT) .
GermanItalian397Air-liquid coolers and condensers instruction manual .
GermanItalian5059Automotive industry terms .
GermanItalian283Construction machinery dictionary .
GermanItalian50175European Commission terminology (DGT) .
GermanItalian221Exchange-Traded Commodity terms .
GermanItalian89Fail-safe valve quick guide .
GermanItalian5629Gas industry dictionary .
GermanItalian107Lawn mower quick guide .
GermanItalian9884SAP dictionary .
GermanItalian5173Technical vocabulary .
GermanLatvian50600European Commission terminology (DGT) .