Welcome to the TTMEM Terminator section! This section was created for those translators who are not in the possession of CAT Tools and therefore cannot access the terminology present in our .tmx (translation memory) files downloadable from our Download Translation Memory section, or who want to have immediate access to specialised terminology. TTMEM Terminator is a collection of searchable translations created by TTMEM.com staff from .tmx files.
Our online terminology content, based on dictionaries and glossaries, is made up of source and target segments and is grouped into different categories and language pairs. This feature allows any translator to use translation memories without any CAT Tool. Continuous and sustainable development of terminology will allow us to make the TTMEM Terminator one of the largest databases of terminology available online.
1. The TTMEM Terminator section contains searchable terms grouped into source terms and target terms.
2. Dictionaries and glossaries available in this section were generated from .tmx files by TTMEM (data controller and owner). The data controller is therefore the only authority entitled to complete and modify its contents.
3. Copying and distribution of terms is strictly prohibited, without the explicit written permission of the data controller.
4. The data controller cannot guarantee the correctness or completeness of terms. All dictionaries and glossaries are for information purposes only. No rights can be derived, in any way from them.
5. The data controller reserves the right to change, modify or remove content of TTMEM Terminator section at any time, without prior warning.
6. Access to the contents of this section is paid and you must register if you want to download the terminology as a .tmx file from the Download Translation Memory section.
7. The data controller reserves the right to temporarily suspend this section, or its parts, for updating or improving its contents.

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CzechHungarian50855European Commission terminology (DGT) .
CzechItalian283Dictionary of construction machinery terms .
CzechItalian50362European Commission terminology (DGT) .
CzechLatvian50668European Commission terminology (DGT) .
CzechLithuanian50512European Commission terminology (DGT) .
CzechMaltese49833European Commission terminology (DGT) .
CzechPolish5490Dictionary of gas industry terms .
CzechPolish49310European Commission terminology (DGT) .
CzechPortuguese50257European Commission terminology (DGT) .
CzechRomanian47432European Commission terminology (DGT) .
CzechRussian5335Dictionary of gas industry terms .
CzechSlovak5607Dictionary of gas industry terms .
CzechSlovak50187European Commission terminology (DGT) .
CzechSlovenian50131European Commission terminology (DGT) .
CzechSpanish50009European Commission terminology (DGT) .
CzechSwedish50597European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DanishBulgarian50597European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DanishCzech49296European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DanishDutch49239European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DanishEnglish282Dictionary of construction machinery terms .
DanishEnglish4596Directorate General for Education and Culture (EAC) .
DanishEnglish51219European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DanishEnglish15130Glossary of Microsoft terms .
DanishEstonian49457European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DanishFinnish49012European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DanishFrench49440European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DanishGerman49045European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DanishGreek50021European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DanishHungarian50288European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DanishItalian283Dictionary of construction machinery terms .
DanishItalian49700European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DanishLatvian50123European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DanishLithuanian49691European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DanishMaltese49017European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DanishPolish48747European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DanishPortuguese49695European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DanishRomanian46919European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DanishSlovak49547European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DanishSlovenian49104European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DanishSpanish49383European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DanishSwedish49967European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DariEnglish4072Glossary of Microsoft terms .
DutchBulgarian47969European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DutchChinese6011Dictionary of automotive terms .
DutchCzech49909European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DutchDanish49152European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DutchEnglish15244Dictionary of automotive terms .
DutchEnglish174Dictionary of e-mark and prepackaging terms .
DutchEnglish1996Dictionary of textile terms .
DutchEnglish1991Directorate General for Education and Culture (EAC) .
DutchEnglish2425European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) .
DutchEnglish50524European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DutchEnglish17240Glossary of Microsoft terms .
DutchEstonian50227European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DutchFinnish49811European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DutchFrench11549Dictionary of automotive terms .
DutchFrench173Dictionary of e-mark and prepackaging terms .
DutchFrench1996Dictionary of textile terms .
DutchFrench2425Directorate General for Education and Culture (EAC) .
DutchFrench48728European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DutchGerman11918Dictionary of automotive terms .
DutchGerman174Dictionary of e-mark and prepackaging terms .
DutchGerman1994Dictionary of textile terms .
DutchGerman1106Dictionary of vocational training and employment terms .
DutchGerman49484European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DutchGerman818Glossary of firefighting terms .
DutchGreek50265European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DutchHungarian50153European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DutchItalian5132Dictionary of automotive terms .
DutchItalian48961European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DutchLatvian50094European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DutchLithuanian49696European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DutchMaltese48610European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DutchPolish5020Dictionary of automotive terms .
DutchPolish49090European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DutchPortuguese49056European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DutchRomanian47312European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DutchRussian4884Dictionary of automotive terms .
DutchSlovak50187European Commission terminology (DGT) .
DutchSlovenian49644European Commission terminology (DGT) .