Welcome to the TTMEM Terminator section! This section was created for those translators who are not in the possession of CAT Tools and therefore cannot access the terminology present in our .tmx (translation memory) files downloadable from our Download Translation Memory section, or who want to have immediate access to specialised terminology. TTMEM Terminator is a collection of searchable translations created by TTMEM.com staff from .tmx files.
Our online terminology content, based on dictionaries and glossaries, is made up of source and target segments and is grouped into different categories and language pairs. This feature allows any translator to use translation memories without any CAT Tool. Continuous and sustainable development of terminology will allow us to make the TTMEM Terminator one of the largest databases of terminology available online.
1. The TTMEM Terminator section contains searchable terms grouped into source terms and target terms.
2. Dictionaries and glossaries available in this section were generated from .tmx files by TTMEM (data controller and owner). The data controller is therefore the only authority entitled to complete and modify its contents.
3. Copying and distribution of terms is strictly prohibited, without the explicit written permission of the data controller.
4. The data controller cannot guarantee the correctness or completeness of terms. All dictionaries and glossaries are for information purposes only. No rights can be derived, in any way from them.
5. The data controller reserves the right to change, modify or remove content of TTMEM Terminator section at any time, without prior warning.
6. Access to the contents of this section is paid and you must register if you want to download the terminology as a .tmx file from the Download Translation Memory section.
7. The data controller reserves the right to temporarily suspend this section, or its parts, for updating or improving its contents.

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SerbianTagalog185Glossary of mental health terms .
SlovakBulgarian48298European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovakCzech5607Dictionary of gas industry terms .
SlovakCzech50188European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovakDanish49559European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovakDutch50274European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovakEnglish282Dictionary of construction machinery terms .
SlovakEnglish5568Dictionary of gas industry terms .
SlovakEnglish51865European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovakEnglish222Glossary of exchange-traded commodity terms .
SlovakEnglish10010Glossary of Microsoft terms .
SlovakEstonian50384European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovakFinnish50038European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovakFrench50229European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovakFrench222Glossary of exchange-traded commodity terms .
SlovakGerman50034European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovakGerman219Glossary of exchange-traded commodity terms .
SlovakGreek50775European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovakHungarian51065European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovakItalian283Dictionary of construction machinery terms .
SlovakItalian50530European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovakItalian222Glossary of exchange-traded commodity terms .
SlovakLatvian50878European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovakLithuanian50633European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovakMaltese49795European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovakPolish5706Dictionary of gas industry terms .
SlovakPolish49484European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovakPolish222Glossary of exchange-traded commodity terms .
SlovakPortuguese50561European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovakRomanian47850European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovakSlovenian50316European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovakSlovenian222Glossary of exchange-traded commodity terms .
SlovakSpanish50308European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovakSpanish222Glossary of exchange-traded commodity terms .
SlovakSwedish50745European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovenianBulgarian47849European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovenianCzech50127European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovenianDanish49105European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovenianDutch49909European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovenianEnglish283Dictionary of construction machinery terms .
SlovenianEnglish51663European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovenianEnglish222Glossary of exchange-traded commodity terms .
SlovenianEnglish9389Glossary of Microsoft terms .
SlovenianEstonian49861European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovenianFinnish49446European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovenianFrench50034European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovenianFrench222Glossary of exchange-traded commodity terms .
SlovenianGerman49635European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovenianGerman221Glossary of exchange-traded commodity terms .
SlovenianGreek50474European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovenianHungarian50671European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovenianItalian283Dictionary of construction machinery terms .
SlovenianItalian50299European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovenianItalian222Glossary of exchange-traded commodity terms .
SlovenianLatvian50744European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovenianLithuanian50377European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovenianMaltese49453European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovenianPolish49425European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovenianPolish222Glossary of exchange-traded commodity terms .
SlovenianPortuguese50205European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovenianRomanian47756European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovenianSlovak50304European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovenianSlovak222Glossary of exchange-traded commodity terms .
SlovenianSpanish50013European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SlovenianSpanish222Glossary of exchange-traded commodity terms .
SlovenianSwedish50632European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SpanishBulgarian48310European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SpanishChinese5408Dictionary of automotive terms .
SpanishCzech50009European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SpanishDanish49537European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SpanishDutch6293Dictionary of automotive terms .
SpanishDutch48947European Commission terminology (DGT) .
SpanishEnglish7023Dictionary of automotive terms .
SpanishEnglish721Dictionary of building and construction terms .
SpanishEnglish3589Dictionary of civil engineering terms .
SpanishEnglish282Dictionary of construction machinery terms .
SpanishEnglish1074Dictionary of financial terms .
SpanishEnglish634Dictionary of food terms .
SpanishEnglish5624Dictionary of gas industry terms .
SpanishEnglish9978Dictionary of SAP terms .