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Rules for posting
Here we present the rules for the use of the TTMEM.com Job Posting System. The following rules have been created to ensure the professional atmosphere of the TTMEM.com jobs system. Please contact us if you need any clarification regarding any of the rules found below. By using this website, you agree to adhere to the following rules.
1. TTMEM.com's Job Posting System is provided for the purpose of posting jobs for language professionals. Postings that do not concern jobs are not allowed.
2. The job posting service may not be used to advertise any service. You cannot use this section to offer your own professional services (no unauthorized commercial solicitation). Please note that TTMEM.com's Job Posting System only connects users requesting services from or providing services to other members.
3. The posting of political, adult nature or offensive content in the job postings is strictly prohibited.
4. Posted jobs must involve payment from the job poster except in cases where language professionals accept an unpaid job (personal agreement between two parties; all details must be worked out directly among posters and language professionals).
5. Publishishing multiple postings is not allowed (a job should be posted only once). Please remember that it is possible to advertise a project involving multiple language pairs in a single post.
6. The job posters must respect confidentiality (publishing jobs with sensitive data is not allowed). Job posters should consider directly contacting service providers that meet their requirements.
7. Posting jobs on behalf of third parties is not allowed. Through our Job Posting System you can only post your own jobs.
8. The poster must supply all required contact information. Job postings with incomplete contact details may be removed by the TTMEM.com staff members.
9. The outsourcer will not be permitted to make job postings if any of our staff members receive information that payment has not been received from an outsourcer.
10. It is not possible to edit job postings after they have been published. However it is possible to delete the newly published job and republish it with new details (only in the recruitment phase).
11. Job posters are permitted to set a rate when posting the job, however, publishing posts which contain extraneous information concerning rates or payment is not allowed.
12. It is prohibited to contact a job poster directly in order to comment on the posting without having any interest in completing the job.
13. The poster contact instructions must not be ignored. Job posters should not be contacted directly or called when they prefer to be contacted via the TTMEM.com quoting system or by other means.
14. Job postings may not be republished elsewhere without the permission of the job poster.
Staff members may take any of the following actions to enforce the above rules:
1. contact site users to call their attention to specific rules
2. remove or hide postings that violate the rules
3. suspend access to site features that have been used in violation of the site rules
4. delete a profile immediately