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Name/Surname: Dorota Radziszewicz
Country: Poland
Mother tongue: Polish
Working languages: English to Polish, English to Italian, Italian to Polish, Italian to English

About me
Services & Expertise
CV / Resume

EXPERIENCE: Length of translation experience: 22 years



  • Editing/Proofreading
  • Operations management
  • Post-editing
  • Project management
  • Sales
  • Subtitling
  • Translation
  • Voiceover

Main Fields:

  • Business/Financial
  • Law/Patents
  • Marketing
  • Medical
  • Other

Speciality fields:

  • Accounting
  • Advertising, Public Relations
  • Architecture
  • Business, Commerce
  • Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs
  • Cinema, Film, TV
  • Computers, Hardware, Networks, Software
  • Construction, Civil Engineering, Building
  • Cooking, Culinary
  • Cosmetics, Beauty
  • Electronics, Electrical
  • Engineering, General
  • Engineering, Industrial
  • Finance, Financial Markets
  • Food, Drink, Nutrition
  • Furniture, Household Appliances
  • Games, Video Games, Gaming, Casino
  • General, Conversation, Greetings, Letters
  • History
  • Human Resources, Labor
  • Information Technology
  • International Organizations
  • Internet, e-Commerce
  • Law, Contracts
  • Law, General
  • Law, Taxation, Customs
  • Management
  • Marketing (SAP)
  • Marketing, Market Research
  • Media, Multimedia
  • Medical (Cardiology)
  • Medical (General)
  • Medical (Health Care)
  • Medical (Instruments)
  • Medical (Pharmaceuticals)
  • Music
  • Names (personal, company)
  • Other
  • Paper, Paper Manufacturing
  • Photography, Imaging, Graphic Arts
  • Printing, Publishing
  • Real Estate, Land
  • Retail
  • Ships, Sailing, Maritime
  • Sports, Fitness, Recreation
  • Surveying
  • Textiles, Clothing, Fashion
  • Tourism, Travel, Hotels

* Italian and english translator in Clean Water, Cagliari, Italy

* CV‘s and letters of last will translator for individuals - polish to english and polish to italian,

* ID‘s and certificates translator - italian to english and english to polish,

* Translator of on-line games (english-polish and english-italian) for Grabit Worldwide, Denver

* Translator of architectual website of Studio Hermann, Poland - polish to english,

* Translator of 2 Forex web pages (Binary-options.eu and Binary-Options-Brokers.com) - polish to english,

* Proofreader of the math book for TRADUKTA, Polish Translators Office, Poland - italian to


* Technical translation regarding Szczecin Municipal Infrastructure, Allocation Request - polish to


* Interpreter for foreigners (polish-english, polish-italian and english-italian) in the Voiovoda Office

in Szczecin, Poland

* Medical - trans1ator of 2 Digital Blood Preasure Monitor instructions (Upper-arm and Wrist Style) - english to polish,

* Medical, IT and construction translator for LinguaWorldServices - english to polish and polish to english,

* Casino agreement for Destiny Translations - english to polish,

* Medical translator of book parts regarding Cardiology for Crystal Translations- polish to english,

* Beauty - Bliss products descriptions — polish to english,

* Medical - Neurostimulation sistem, diarhermy theraphy, electrosurgery

devices, cardiovereter defibrillators, MRI (Magneting resonance imaging) - english to polish,

* IT Devices — translation of manual for phone configuration (BIOS) - english to polish,

* Technical — market steakeholders, Specific office lightning, hospitality market - english to polish,

* Slideshows and presentations - english to italian,

* Language and communication system essay correction for private – english,

* Dehumidifiers from Munters company - manual (dehumidification in ducts and ducting sistem,

duct connections and installation) - english to polish,

* Fento, Carne bovina brochure- polish to italian,

* Descrizione di dieta ricca di proteine – italian to polish,

* Real estate, automatives, motels describtions for website owned by NNV Poland– polish to italian,

* Interview with PL.2012 Company's president, Marcin Herra for QS Magazine – polish to english,

* Bet-at-home Bookmaker Affiliate Program - english to polish,

* Technical - Construction of the rail surface – anchored rail and detail of the rail mounting on the coated rail system Prefarail-GSF – polish to english,

* Tourism website content – polish to italian,

* Technical - Project:”Modernization of the tram routeDworzec Wilenski – Stadion Narodowy – Waszyngton Rondotogether with the purchase of 30 low-floor trams” for Tramwaje Warszawskie - polish to english,

* Automotive content of the website including history of automotive – polish to italian,

* Guide about reparation of the computer including BIOS audio codec types and cleaning instruction for the printers (laser and ink) – italian to polish,

* Job seeker's Guide - italian to polish,

* Search engines guide and describing (Google, Netspring, Bing) – polish to italian,

* Bike tours – organization and planning – polish to italian,

* Michelin survey about tires – english to polish,

* New challenges in managing IT risk - IT Risk Management Programme questionnaire – english to polish,

* Tourist announces from website – polish to italian,

* Qual è il ruolo della formazione nella cedente civiltà del lavoro? Essay – italian to polish,

* Engineering Journal / Fourth quarter / 2006 / 281 parts – english to polish,

* Database license agreement in electronic form – polish to english,

CAT tools:

  • Across
  • DejaVu
  • OmegaT
  • Wordfast

Other Software:

  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Microsoft Word
  • OCR Software
  • Open Office

CV available upon request:


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Skype: dorotkaanna Skype chat, instant message
Telephone number: 0048667062237
City: Szczecin
Paypal email: dotikbjutik@o2.pl
Skrill email: dotikbjutik@o2.pl

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